About Becca Luna

After a unique up-bringing of being born onto a Hippy Commune in Northern California, Becca was taught at a young age how to reach for the stars and settle for nothing less of what her true heart desires, Becca’s courageousness and heart-centered personality has fueled her success at such a young age. Building a six-figure Web Design & Brand Coaching Business by the age of 21 has been the preliminary reason behind her mission of now serving soulpreneurs on the rise with her eye-soaring and high-converting Website Templates.

Influencing nearly 20k free-spirited souls on Instagram, Becca is solely dedicated to helping women around the world create lives that are filled with abundance, joy and prosperity, which has been the driving factor behind creating Bold x Boho. 

The Mission

Bold x Boho is all about creating a safe place where high-level Web Design is accessible to every female business owner out there. 

“Give Women A Chance, And They Will Change The World,” as stated by The New Times and that’s the exact reason behind why Bold x Boho strives so hard to empower women use their voice and service to shift how women today have influence within our society. 

Bold x Boho donates 10% off all profits to The Operation Underground Railroad to help rescue Children and Women around the world from the Human Trafficking and Exploitation Crisis. These Children and Women are our future. 

As we move into 2020, the female leaders just like you have the most opportunity to make an impact, create a profitable business and change the energy behind the current narrative than we’ve ever seen before. A Bold x Boho Website Template will do just that. 

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