Creative career course

Creative career course


a mini-course showing you the easy steps to becoming a profitable as f*ck web designer.

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Creatives are told that they should expect to be broke their entire lives. That if they want to live off of their passions, they should be prepared for a tough road ahead. I say f*ck that. 

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"I feel more confident in what I'm putting out. I've been able to work with clients who I feel aligned with. So grateful for the Wealthy Web Designer, definitely recommend it."


"After taking the Wealthy Web Designer Course I've been booked out for over 3 months!"

"The potential I see from owning a one women studio after going through her course, is freakin limitless."

free trainings:

The Journey

01. Entering The Online Space
02. Becoming a Web Designer

Getting started

01. Building a Brand
02. How to Make Money as a Web Designer

taking action

01. Establishing Your Goals
02. Creating Your Dream Career

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