custom branding & website experience steeped in complete luxury, strategy & unforgettable 'this-is-it' moments.

For spiritual female entrepreneurs ready to brand their empire.

A Wealthy Woman Website Experience


"Recommended to any goddess with an empire."

Holy wow. I am the happiest with my online presence I have ever been. Becca got me right away and I could finally lean back and trust the creation process. Obsessed with my website. Thank you thank you thank you.

Ashae Sundara

"Becca is a master at seeing YOU and helping you share your true self with the world and all that you have to offer.."

She is an incredible designer and  working with her was my favorite creative project so far!

xo Brooke Deboer

"Becca truly hears and translates you all into a beautiful website."

I cannot recommend her enough, and to top it off, she is so easy to work with, super sweet, and she truly has your best interest at heart.

Paulina Ochoa Lua

"Hands down, it was the best business decision that I have made in my business this far."

"I'm so happy I invested in myself. I'm so much more confident, I could not thank Becca enough."

It's a new day, a new you, a new life. You're ready to upgrade your Honda to a Porsche, your Grande to a Venti, and your $5k-30k+/month income to 6 & 7 figure status. And to do it, you'll need one thing: An all-new, all-over-luxe, custom brand and website that says you're ready to embrace it all.  

You've arrived in the right place. 

You've outgrown your brand & website. That's something you should be proud of.

It's time to shed the old you.


Being born in a hippie commune basically guarantees that you’re going to grow up to be a wanderer. Which is why I never understood why high school > college > claustrophobic desk job became the societal norm. Despite all of the societal pressure to become something that I never wanted to be, I said f*ck it and dropped out of high school to live the digital nomad lifestyle. You can be sure that no one had “Becca Luna becomes a passionate multi-millionaire helping fellow freedom-seekers live out their dreams” on their bingo cards. But I’ve spent my entire life betting on myself against all odds, and guess what? It’s always paid out. Big time.

Meet your new design bestie, Becca Luna

Brand Builder


Pick your experience:

What it includes:

5 Page Website; Home, About, Work Together/Offers, Contact & One Long-Form Sales Page

Website Training How-To Videos, Private Support Facebook Group

Copy Templates, Get Prepared Checklists, & Streamlined Communication

Soul-Aligned Branding; Brand Board, Color Palette, Custom Fonts, & Word Mark Logo

Empire Creator

Website Template of your choice from Bold x Boho


★ with a one day turnaround time ★

What it includes:

Bold x Boho Template, Copy Templates, Get Prepared Checklists, & Streamlined Communication

On-Brand Social Media Templates, Graphics, Podcast Cover, etc

Website Training How-To Videos, Private Support Facebook Group

10+ Page Website; Brand Builder + 2-3 Sales Pages, Products/Shop, Podcast/Blog + More

Soul-Aligned Branding; Brand Board, Color Palette, Custom Fonts, & 2 Logo Versions

★ with a one week turnaround time ★

The business empire that attract dream clients with 'must-work-with' energy. 

A Showit website that feels like home, a vacation and an Hermes store all at once. 

A look that gets you seen, a site that gets you paid and a lasting impression that leaves you booked out for months.

A 'made-for-you' experience that gives you chills and does your magic justice down to every last detail. 

Forget what they say...

You can have it all.

A brand that empowers you, inspires you, lights your soul then fires you up brighter than the sun. 

I now have a stunning website that feels authentic and accurately reflects the quality of work I put out into the world.

I love my new site, and am SO grateful for this much needed up-level and upgrade, and the ability to work smarter (not harder) in communicating my message with the women I'm here to serve! I'm so grateful for Becca and my virtual website that feels like home!" 

Emily Cassel - Spiritual Online Business Coach

Becca went above and beyond and basically dove into my soul to capture my essence into a beautiful brand and streamlined website!

She took my offerings, free resources, sales pages and content that felt super junky on my old website and turn it into a clean, and easy to follow masterpiece that converts. I am so happy I decided to hire Becca to take the time and energy suck off of my hands to massively upgrade my virtual storefront! 

Kelly Pender - Online Yoga Business Coach 

She's great at communicating and giving you options to make your dream website authentic to you and your brand.

Working with Becca Luna was not only a stress-free experience but it was so much fun working with someone as talented & easy-going as herself!

Aura Awakening - Business Coach + Empowerer

The Wealthy Women have spoken...


Thriving business? Check. Undeniably bold? Check. So ready to bloom? Check. You're ready, babe. The Wealthy Woman Website Experience is for spiritual female entrepreneurs with an established, scaling and thriving online creative business. A woman guided by equal parts financial and spiritual freedom, with a killer growth mindset to boot. A lady hell-bent on launching an entirely new, high-vibe, evolution-ready brand and website that truly embodies her higher self with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions


Your Wealthy Woman Website Experience is delivered via Showit - meaning any tweaks and changes you desire can flow more effortlessly than your morning manifestation (whether you're a design pro or total novice). With it's user-friendly interface, drag-and-drop functions and 100% customizable format, you already know there are a million reasons I'm a Showit girl through and through and that's why I truly believe this is the perfect platform for our work together.

PLUS! To make it even easier for you, you'll receive comprehensive training videos, an easy-to-follow Showit Guidebook for the complete launch-ready suite that's yours in every way. 


Put simply? The Business Builder is for the growing gal with that success-seeking soul. You're in the beginning stages of growth and ready to lay down some serious roots that scream 'I didn't just come to play'. No more novice branding or DIY website, the fast-tracked, high-value, one-day Brand Builder Experience will take you  from 'who's the new girl?' to 'who's this game-changer?' in under 24 hours.

For my ladies with the brand and business on lock, but the branding unaligned and messy, the Empire Builder is for you. You don't just want to be noticed, you want to be seen. You don't want to be heard you want to be listened to. You don't want to be considered you want to be craved. So you're ready for a brand and website that makes you a household-freaking-name. That's what this high-touch, all-in-one, completely-custom experience is all about. 


Be fearless. Be bold. Outgrow, outrun and outdo. With the only one-on-one custom branding & website experiences made for energetically-attuned women building a creative empire.

Ready to lead the way?

The brand & design experience your creative soul has been craving.