I have a major confession...

I’m a restless, ever-wandering free spirit. Which means I was never meant for that 9 to 5 life. It also meant structure and me? Didn’t get along.

Like school and me.
We were so opposite. Never getting along. I hated it, it hated me. 
And that was clear. Because when I left school, I had just 11 credits, as opposed to the 24 I apparently needed.

I can’t sit still.

                                      defined by that for a while. But then I realized… what the actual fuck was life for if not to be lived wild, free and doing whatever sets my soul on fire, whenever I want? Once I internalized this, I set out building a career and a lifestyle I could take with me wherever. One that gave me the money to explore the world and new creative horizons, but the beauty of no structure that meant I could live life on my own terms.

And you know what? When I first started as a Virtual Assistant, I thought that was it. But I soon realized my potential wasn’t being maximized in a role like that. So I leaned heavily into the creative path I’d always dreamed of - digital design. I harnessed my passion and my street smarts to turn stalkers into superfans and followers into friends. I nurtured an audience, built a website, and developed a portfolio that had me magnetizing dream website design clients on tap. 

I employed the same strategies I am now teaching to creatives (as their mentor) across the world to help them become the website designers and digital creatives they’ve always believed themselves to be. You know the ones. Those unchained to a cubicle desk, who live life under the stars and not fluorescent office lights, who open their laptops to a world of endless opportunity, and decide to close it whenever they want.

Sure, I felt...

A walk




Been a full-time free-spirit adventure seeker since...


Quit my waitress job to go full-time as a virtual assistant.



Learned about the online space and how creatives were creating abudance, both financially and personally.


Dropping out of high school to travel and learn life on my own terms, I always just knew I'd find my own happiness.

Spent nearly two years learning & digesting everything I could about the online space, which ultimately lead me to finding my love for web design.


I said f!&k the societal norms...

'17 & '18


Launched Bold x Boho Template Shop.

Started my Tiktok account


July '20

Oct. '20

Hit the milestone in my design business by hitting my first $20k month and celebrated in Hawaii, Australia & Bali. 

Founded Website in a Day & sold out in 72 hours.

Jan. '20

Sept. '20

Helped 150+ female entrepreneurs with their brand + website

Began creating educational content on Tiktok and grew to 30,000 in three weeks.


Created the Untamed Creative Mentorship

Celebrated working with over 500 clients & students

Dec. '20

April '21

June '21

Launched The Wealthy Wild Podcast & Youtube Channel

Launched the Wealthy Web Designer Course for hundreds of students around the globe

Jan. '21

May '21

Hit 80,000 followers on Tiktok

Launched the program for seven individuals ready to grow as a creative online.


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