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I’m a restless, ever-wandering free spirit. The 9-5 life was never going to work for me. So, I made the unexpected my best friend.

Being born on a hippie commune basically guarantees that you’re going to grow up to be a wanderer. Which is why I never understood why high school > college > claustrophobic desk job became the societal norm. Despite all of the societal pressure to become something that I never wanted to be, I said f*ck it and dropped out of high school to live the digital nomad lifestyle. You can be sure that no one had “Becca Luna becomes a passionate multi-millionaire helping fellow freedom-seekers live out their dreams” on their bingo cards. But I’ve spent my entire life betting on myself against all odds, and guess what? It’s always paid off. Big time.

I used to think that passive income, time freedom, and making six-figures a month was a station in life reserved exclusively for those who were born with a silver spoon in their mouths. Now I know just how wrong I was. If you’re ready, I’ll teach you the exact same thing. You can have all of the things that you’ve dreamed about, and you can do it on your own terms. If it sounds too good to be true, that’s just because you’re not dreaming big enough.

I help creatives build businesses that are abundant and freeing. The kind that they will be able to pass on as a part of their legacy, with passive income, total time freedom, and unlimited profit as the driving force behind them.

High school dropout turned creative multi-millionaire.

Confession time…

Actually, it’s not that different from yours… I quit my sh*tty waitressing job to become a VA in 2018. Even though I loved the freedom that it gave me to be able to travel and work on my own terms, I quickly became sick of trading my (limited) time for (very little) money. Plus, I was feeling the pull towards something creative (a drive that I always knew was in me, but gave myself very little credit for). I spent the next two years absorbing every little bit of information that I could get about owning an online business, and eventually found web design…

I designed my first ever website for a client on Wordpress and charged $1200. And don’t even ask me to show it to you because it was… rough. Actually, I’ll show you if you want to see it, because growth is always something to be proud of. When I found Showit, the fourth love of my life (right behind my husband Willow and our dogs, Zara and Tavi), the game changed for me right then and there.

Within two years I launched my first template shop, hit my first $20k month, designed over 150 websites, founded Website in a Day (and sold out in 72 hours), and started teaching other entrepreneurs and soon-to-be entrepreneurs to do the exact same.

The most important thing for you to know about me is that I don’t hold back. In the past, creatives have played their cards close to their chest and gatekept information to help themselves “get a leg up” on the competition. There is absolutely none of that in my space. If you want to become a booked out, successful web designer making $20-50k months just like I have, I’ll give you every last drop of information you need to make it happen.

My story

A glimpse of the past


Born as Miracle Luna on a hippy commune, I've been a free-spirited adventure lover since birth.



Quit my waitressing job after my boss literally spit in my face (yes, really) and went full-time as a Virtual Assistant.

Aug '19

Launched the Bold x Boho Template Shop, starting my foray into the beautiful world of passive income.

Said “f*ck it” to societal standards and dropped out of high school to travel the world.

Jan '20

Spent a month in Australia after making $100k in 6 months.

Sept '20


Learned how to make $50k a month as a web designer and now get to teach hundreds of thousands of creatives around the world how to do the exact same.


Launched the Wealthy Web Designer® course for hundreds
of students around the world.

Founded Website in a Day and sold out in 72 hours.

my paris, france  elopement  '22

A place where                turn into creative money-makers.                     



A place where               
 turn into creative money-makers.


Get the step-by-step lowdown on how to become a well-paid Showit Web Designer and build the online business of your dreams. Sounds too good to be true? Nah Fam, it’s just that good.