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Creatives are told that they should expect to be broke their entire lives. That if they want to live off of their passions, they should be prepared for a tough road ahead. I say f*ck that. Rigid standards and “shoulds” have never been my thing anyway. With over 5,000 students, our Wealthy Web Designer® community is proving that running a creative online business can be passion-filled and profitable af.


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Meet Becca Luna.

Success was never a question for me. Even after dropping out of high school and living the “digital nomad” lifestyle with absolutely no plan in place, I knew for a fact that there were big things waiting for me. When I found the online space in 2018, everything clicked. Starting as a VA, I finally found something that I could do while traveling the world (which is all I’ve ever really wanted out of life). But despite the fact that I was no longer tied down to a place of work, I was still limited in my income and feeling creatively unfulfilled. When I finally decided to allow myself to be the passionate creative that I am deep down, and took the plunge into the world of website design, everything changed for me. I work on my own time, with unlimited income potential, designing websites for passionate entrepreneurs, and I can teach you to do the same.

If you’re wondering where life could take you as a creative who feels allergic to the 9-5 lifestyle, I’d like to welcome you into my family. I gave a resounding “f*ck no” to the “traditional” a long time ago, and I’ve seen just how beautiful it can be when you chase your passions and turn them into massive profit. 

150+ websites, 5,000+ students, and MILLIONS of dollars earned by my students… that’s a recipe for living a life that you’re excited to brag about.

High school dropout turned creative multi-millionaire.

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Scratch the 40 hour workweeks, dodge the income cap, and become a Wealthy Web Designer® instead.

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