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A one-of-a-kind course showing web designers like yourself how to create and master the art of high-ticket day-rates, VIP-Day deliverables, and how I've used them to become completely booked out in my business. From mapping the process to delivering a bougie client experience, this is the course that teaches it all. 

A course designed for maximum impact

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For a long time, us designers thought we had to offer these long-lasting offers in order to charge a worth while amount from the client. I am here to show you that is no longer the case.

In 2020 I decided I was done with the months of client communication, and decided I wanted to deliver everything I used to create in 4-12 weeks, in a 7-hour day. Seems ambitious? Yes. But that led me to launching Website in a Day: becoming fully booked out every single month, charging $4,200 per day, and hitting $30-50k months in my design business. Now it’s your turn.

Make a month's wage in a day. 

redefine conventional design and


Now, you can make thousands of dollars every single day.

Charging a couple grand for a website that would take weeks - sometimes even months.

Having never ending communication with clients, and back & forth frustration from countless edits.

Creating a VIP day offer and charging thousands for just a day worth of your time.

Cutting your communication down by 75% and learning to deliver an entire website by the end of the day.

The old way looked like:

The new way looks like:

Being able to scale to $30k-$50k months by just working a few days a week with streamlined systems and client processes that allow you total freedom.

Don't believe me? Check out the proof:

I've done 100+ website in a days

The impact of this is unmatched. Deliver a dream website for a dream client and still make bank while doing it.

I charge $4,200 per day

Imagine how much freedom you'd have if you could make a couple thousand dollars in one day alone?

I've Scaled to $50k months

Clock in at 10am and wrap up by 5pm, just a few days a week. Not a bad income for such a flexible schedule.

Learn how to launch and sell out your very own VIP Day experience for your clients using the exact strategy I’ve used to scale my design business, make more money, and unlock total time freedom.


i'm ready

let me show you exactly how to do it inside the:

20+ training videos & tutorials

behind the scenes of designing

templates, showit pages, & email examples

What's included:

a strategic day rate sales page

Easy to digest video trainings that'll teach you how to create your own day rate, niche down, set up all the back-end business process, outsource the work and so much more.

Exclusive videos of myself teaching you how to actually design an entire brand and website in under one day utilizing templates and/or the Showit Site Canvas Library.

Gain instant access to a proven sales page that has made multiple six figures. Add in the key code, customize, & launch.

Every single template, website page, email example, or application questions you'll need to streamline your day rate and confidently launch in a matter of a few days.

the wealthy collective slack channel

Have access to our private community of aspiring and growing designers to be inspired, get questions answered, and make online best friends that'll hold your hand every step of the way.

Mapping Out Your Day

The training breakdown:

03. the investment
04. dream client


01. Creating your sales page
02. Client application
03. acceptance email
04. payment checkouts

Onboarding the Client

01. Booking the client
02. welcome workflow

★  Thank You Page
★  Client Deliverables
★  Brand Strategy Questionnaire 
★  The Final Checklist
★  Scheduling Your Client

Your VIP Day


Off-boarding the Client

01. The Process
02. Site Check
03. Migrate to client
04. End of Day Email

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if you want an easy way to that 6-figure design empire, this is the revolutionary offer you need.

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I'm that 25-year old web designer, podcaster, educator, and spicy-marg drinker with big ass dreams. And I'm hell bent on helping you achieve yours too. 

And for years, I was tied down, and running in the rat race of month-long client projects and never ending client deliverables. I was tired, and looking for something that could shake things up while radically increasing my income. Then, my day rate was born. It was the light I was looking for, and now I get to share this light with you.  I've poured every single thing I know about high-ticket day rates, how to deliver a website in just one day, and how to book yourself out in my all new Design Your Day Rate course. 

Meet your million dollar mentor,
Becca Luna

I know how it feels to work your ass off, with nothing to show for it.

Creating a brand and website for a client is a lot of work, don't get me wrong. But the on-going communication with the client, never ending revisions, and all the energy you're just thinking about the client without even putting in the hours worked is just... draining.

But let me be honest...

That's when the Day Rate was born.

After I launched a day rate, my business was never the same again. 

less working hours, MORE PROJECTS

With a high-ticket price tag per day, I was able to take on just 1-2 projects a week. Equating to a few days work rather than a standard 48 hour, 5-day grind. 


As opposed to deterring my audience, that higher price tag attracted ambitious, goal-driven, respectful clients who aligned with my vibe. As a result, I brought in more money doing work I loved the most! 

LESS back and forth, more fulfilment

Typical web design and branding projects can drag on for months. With a day rate I was able to onboard, deliver and off board clients in just one day. Meaning a faster launch for them, and more creative energy for me to focus on growing my business. 

Just because 'your competitors' tolerate the standard design process doesn't mean you have to.

There is another way. One that's more profitable and enjoyable. One guaranteed to make you more money while uplifting your creative spirit, rather than diminishing it. This course is designed for online creatives determined to shake it up, say "bye bitch" to the 'standard operating procedures' of the web design world, and watch their empire grow. Learn from the girl who went before you - the day rate formula works. All you have to do is enroll in this course, apply the practical learnings  and templates, and watch business bloom. 

you called me out

Instant access 20+ training videos covering DAY DESIGN, ONBOARDING, OFF-BOARDING, AND MORE

Downloadable TEMPLATES (emails, applications, sales pages & more) for a high-touch client experience.

key system set up and how tos to make your day easier and streamlined

bonus discounts and guidebooks to elevate your knowledge and elevate your day rate

Design Your Day Rate isn't about theory. It's about putting in the work with the right tools.


If you charge as much as I do ($4,200 a day), you could make your return on investment back in the first hour an a half of your first VIP day. Even if you charge half as much as me in the beginning ($2,100 a day), you'll make more than 2x a return on your investment with your first VIP day. Let's do some simple math real quick: if you charge $2,100 a day, and take on two days a week... that is $16,800 a month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have access to you?

Although you won't receive access to me directly, you'll gain instant access to our private Wealthy Creative Collective slack channel where you can build connections, ask questions, and get the support you need to confidently grow this new offer in your business.

Why is it priced the way it is?

Plain and simple, the actionable strategies and expert resources built into this e-learning experience access will revolutionize the way you do business, and subsequently change your life. I’m confident that you, and the hundreds of other entrepreneurs from around the world that have embarked upon this journey will be pleased with your investment from the minute you start to the second you finish.

Do you have to be a showit designer?

Absolutely not. You can use any web design platform as long as you feel confident to deliver an exceptional day with a valuable walk away for the client.


Yes and no. While I created this course for entrepreneurs at all stages of design, I'd recommend new creatives start with my flagship Wealthy Web Designer course after mastering Showit inside the CEO of Showit, For my experienced designers ready to scale to that lucrative 6-&7-figure business? You can start this course straight away. In fact, I'd recommend you enroll right now. 

"I am now booked out with web designs for over three months, after just one month of launching."


"I'm so happy I invested in myself. I'm so much more confident. I could not thank Becca enough."

@markowski studio

"I couldn't have done it without your courses, love, honestly! It would have been such a hard learning curve!"


Community Success Stories

"I have already made over $7,000 in not even a month."


"I just had someone else commit to a $3,500 site and she is my dream client!!"


"I  learned more than I did in my entire marketing degree."


Your time is now. 

You've never seen an opportunity to grow your business like this. And you've never seen a course designed to help you do it. Until now. With the tailor-made expert videos, resources, templates, and everything you need to successfully launch a date rate.

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