Claim your creativity and become the next best Showit Designer

Perfect your craft. Charge your worth. Scale your business. You know there's only one tool to do it. Forget the clunky outdated names, Showit is the superior website design platform to master, but you already know that.


You're a creative with the desire to:

Create beautiful designs you're truly proud of

Design jaw-dropping websites that make your clients dreams a come true, all while filling your creative cup. 

skip the headache of figuring out a new design platform

Avoid the time and energy drain of self-teaching with a complete guide to mastering every element. 

deliver high-end work with the price tag to match it

Handover every design with the confidence  and know-how that your clients will fall in love with. 



The go-to guide for ambitious creatives wanting to learn the art of Showit design to launch your business, attract more clients, and make more money doing what you love.

How to navigate showit with confidence

How to craft new custom designs in showit

how to create unique & elevated designs 

What you'll walk away knowing:

How to develop sites with efficiency 

Everything from starting with new blank key codes, adding in client branding, and generating fonts, to understanding how to utilize site canvases to create a streamlined design experience.

A blank canvas is great, but having the tools to take your creative ideas to an obtainable design is crucial. Learn how to craft a site from scratch, without ever feeling like "Where do I even begin?"

Time is money, and you have none to waste. Learn how you can cut your hours into a third while still delivering an incredible website that you were obsessed with creating every step of the way.

With hundreds of designers on the market, it's important you have the knowledge to craft unique & memorable designs. Learn how to use Showit tools to craft an experience through your web design.

Bonus: how to do basic seo inside showit

Learn from our SEO expert in an hour training dedicated to teaching web designers how to create & deeply understand SEO.

See inside the trainings

learn how to navigate showit and set yourself up to design with efficiency and ease.

Showit 101

01. Getting started
02. Getting acquainted
03. Design settings
04. canvases
05. adding elements

learn how to Build with confidence and strategy

Desktop & Mobile

01. creating a home page
02. menu bar
03. horizontal locking
04. alignment
05. photo positioning
06. pop-up canvases
07. multi-page efficiency
08. mobile optimization
09. mobile layout process
10. mobile menu

Become super skilled in showit with all integrations moving forward

Blog & Shop

01. adding a blog
02. properties
03. wordpress integration
04. integrate with shopify
05. integrate with thrivecart
06. integrate with flodesk

Launch your dream clients site like a seasoned & skilled web designer


01. client process
02. key code transfer
03. domain transfer
04. blog request

Learn my timesaving & showit hacks to create the best designs around

Misc. Design

01. text animation
02. canvas views
03. seo settings
04. hover effect
05. special copy paste

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I'm a 24-year old web designer, podcaster, educator, and spicy-marg drinker with big ass dreams who turned a one-woman side hustle into a multiple six-figure design studio.

Meet your
design mentor & business bestie,
Becca Luna

The truth? Two years ago I had no idea what I was doing.

And the thing that frustrated me the most was my lack of confidence. Yep. Forget tech headaches or selling in the DMs. My biggest roadblock was feeling so out of my depth when designing on that platform that ironically rhymes with distress...(*cough* WordPress). Before I knew any better, I’d take on $1200 clients, spending half the time navigating shitty platforms only to produce mediocre designs (which weren't billable, nor portfolio-worthy). I was fed up. Then I discovered Showit. I was determined to design the stunning work I knew I could deliver, to finally charge what I knew I was worth. 

Youtube videos. Platform trainings. Blogs, articles, how-tos...It took me one year to learn everything from the basics to designing like a pro with Showit. But once I did, so much happened. I started charging more money. I started attracting more clients. I started feeling more confident. Now I’m so confident in my knowledge of Showit, I’m ready to teach it all to you. 

"She literally changed my life and can do the same for you."

"She literally holds your hand through it all. Any questions. Any fears. Becca took me from having no knowledge to where now I am killing it with a new business. If you're thinking about it, do it." - Jade 

Jade went from no idea to a thriving business

"I know so much more about Showit and feel more confident than ever."

"I can not thank Becca enough because she is amazing and will walk you through every process. If you want to expand your business, I highly recommend it!."

Morgan went from assistant to full-time designer

"It was absolutely incredible in regards to the resources and knowledge."

"I got the confidence to really go for it in my business and take the leap of faith that I needed to take in order to quit my full time job. It is so amazing and I'm forever grateful!" - Brooke


Community Sucess Stories

The Showit course that'll take you from "Omg I hate this" to...

"I love what i do."

If the 'old Becca' had heard there was an all-in-one guide to Showit, she would've dropped a pretty penny to get her hands on it. Because I craved a course that could deliver a complete roadmap to maximizing the platform so my creativity could truly shine, so I could become obsessed with what I do.. Sadly, that course didn't exist.

Until now.  

Ditch the youtube searches & blog forums

Invest into an all-in-one course that will show you how to create designs in Showit with ease, confidence and efficiency.

stop spending hours trying to figure it out

quit feeling clueless & overwhelmed

Pay in Full

One-time fee of $497 (save $100)


Get instant access today

Lifetime access to all modules

Pay in full

Payment Plan


Valued at over $1,500+

Get instant access today

Lifetime access to all modules

Start the plan


"It blew my mind. She helped me grow as a designer and simplified everything"

"Thanks to implementing everything I've learned, I'm now booked out for three months after just one month. I am so thankful I found Becca and highly recommend it to anyone!" - Morgan

Morgan became booked out within 30 days

"I learned everything from how to get clients, the design process and so much more."

"It taught my literally from point a to point z and It has helped me so much feel more confident. It has just helped me so much when working with clients I feel aligned with. I'm so grateful and definitely recommend it." - Naishely

Naishely transitioned from va to web designer

"I'm more confident and I've flipped my marketing on its head with the knowledge she's passed onto me."

"She carefully and thoroughly walks you through the process of setting yourself apart from others and I look forward to making another investment in myself with her future courses." - Megan Duke

Megan became a luxurious web designer

become a...

You want to be obsessed with what you do and even more obsessed with who you do it for. You want to make millions, no shame about it. You want to be the booked-out Showit designer you were always meant to be. But you still have questions... Reach out, I don't bite.

i have a question for ya