An immersive, video-led, template-packed experience teaching Showit designers how to create their own website template shop and unleash the wild opportunities of passive income.

The Passive Passion Project

Passive income: Your one-way ticket to financial freedom. 

There are only so many hours in a day, a week, a year. Time to ditch the 'time for money trade' and turn to a sustainable, one-to-many approach that helps you... Creating templates will simplify your life and business, free up your time to do the things you love, and make the monthly income you've always dreamed of.

You're ready for more time, more freedom and to make passive income while you sleep.

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And the other? Makes you lose it.

So you're hearing all the other business owners talk 'passive income' and 'selling while you sleep'. But you're a designer - surely you can't turn your work passive. Your clients need your one-on-one, personalized approach, right? Wrong. 
Creating a passive, website template offer is an act of service. It is making your work accessible to the entrepreneurs who don't have the time, the money, the energy to invest in your high-ticket custom service. It is an act of diversifying your business. Future-proofing your brand. And, reaching a higher income potential in your brand.


The difference between a

is that one makes you

side-hustle and a business

show me how

money while you sleep.

Plan and publish a profitable shop to successfully scale your brand. 

Receive step-by-step guidance to add a critical new income stream to your business.

Launch in just a matter of weeks with a proven strategy.

Gain new opportunities with lasting financial freedom. 

Learn to create templates that will have clients obsessed.

There has never been a better time to ignite your brand's passive income potential.


Learn the exact method that made me 6+ figures in less than six months.

In 2019 I had a dream to simplify my business by selling templates that were stunning, accessible and time-saving. It took me eight months of dedication and late nights to learn every part of a successful launch, 
But you can absorb the knowledge inside this course and apply it to launch your shop in a matter weeks.

Launching a template shop can feel all kinds of confusing...

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"She literally changed my life and can do the same for you."

"She literally holds your hand through it all. Any questions. Any fears. Becca took me from having no knowledge to where now I am killing it with a new business. If you're thinking about it, do it." - Jade 

Jade went from no idea to a thriving business

"I know so much more about Showit and feel more confident than ever."

"I can not thank Becca enough because she is amazing and will walk you through every process. If you want to expand your business, I highly recommend it!."

Morgan went from assistant to full-time designer

"It was absolutely incredible in regards to the resources and knowledge."

"I got the confidence to really go for it in my business and take the leap of faith that I needed to take in order to quit my full time job. It is so amazing and I'm forever grateful!" - Brooke


Community Sucess Stories

The Breakdown:

Passive Passion Project

We kick off, as always, with strategy, Creating structure is crucial to guiding your entire template and shop build out. You will create your shop plan, explore money-making, no brainer niches to pair with your expertise and learn my strategy on how to price your new templates with intention.

Strategy & Foundation

Now it's time to dedicate your time to setting up a stand-out shop. Build out your platform using the pre-designed shop template (included in your course investment) to make passion income directly from your existing Showit website. Saving time = move money.

Setting up shop

Next, it's creation time. Use my time=saving process to create your suite of website templates in a matter of a couple of days. Learn how to create your templates branding that will attract your dream clientele so your finish products align with customers that'll pay you what they're worth.

Creation Mode

Finalize your product suite by creating a video training system to help your clients get the most out of any template they purchase. Discover different approaches to create the perfect customer experience to have returning customers, along with mastering affiliate marketing.

Systems & Structure

Get your template into the world with a section dedicated to marketing, growth and scaling. You'll learn how to master your evergreen sales funnel, and implement the same strategies I used to grow my shop to ensure insane, sustainable monthly cash flow. 

Marketing & Magic

It's launch time! You're ready to publish your new website template shop and watch the passive income roll on in. First, you have to ensure everything's perfect. Use my tried & true audit checklists, as well as a 3-part launch email series template to copy & paste into your Flodesk for a cash-crazy launch.

Ready to launch

six video-led training modules

ready-made showit shop template

plug & play email marketing templats

What the course Includes:

conversional Product Page template

35+ immersive and engaging videos taking you step by step to set your shop up to thrive. From niching down and template design, to marketing and sales funnels, you'll have all you need. 

Take the guesswork out of selling your gorgeous template suite with a bonus shop template. Implement this pre-designed, drag and drop, 100% customizable interface to start selling the moment you launch. 

Reel them in with your shop template, then give them an offer they just can't refuse with this pre-designed product page. Includes description prompts, specifications and conversional call to actions galore!

Your templates are going to be so hot you'll want to tell the world about them! Use this strategic, conversional suite of email marketing prompts to launch & grow with wild success. 

Checklists, asana boards & more!

You're going to be hustling. Which means organization is your #1 priority. Leverage these expert-made checklists, Asana workflows and organization tools to ensure an uber-seamless launch. 

The only passive income course of its kind. Take your dreams of a  Showit Website Template shop and making them a six-figure reality with a bullet-proof game plan. 

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Passive Passion Project

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one-time easy payment of $999

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350+ clients

featured in yahoo

The couple that made half a million dollars...

I'll get straight to the point. We wanted an income stream that made us money while cruising in Bali, swimming in Hawaii and sipping Margs in Tulum. We craved financial freedom and knew there was only one way to achieve it...

Creating passive income that worked while we slept and made luxe websites accessible to anyone. 

I'm Becca Luna, and this is my fiance, Willow Kaii. 

How did we do it?
With a Showit Website Template shop.

As a service-providing creative, I always knew there would come a time when my earning potential became capped. With just 24 hours in a day, and seven days in a week, that equated to 168 billable hours. Which was literally impossible unless I went without sleep, food, and doing the things I love. That meant my dreams of scaling a business capable of running on autopilot (and making me a millionaire), hinged on one thing: passive income. 

So I took the design skills I'd honed after years of 1:1 custom client work, and developed a suite of unique templates that would be affordable, useable, and conversional. I infused every design with my unique Bold x Boho touch, so I could refer the templates to clients who wanted to work with me but weren't ready for the investment. Creating a Showit Website Template shop was the best decision I ever made in my business. It allowed me to make more money while working less, serve more of my dream clients, and share my designs with entrepreneurs all over the world. Ready to make it the best decision for your business, too?

This course will show you exactly how I did it.

My eight month journey distilled into a fast-tracked course to help you launch in weeks.

Skip the trial-and-error, freebie-downloading, hair-pulling BS of DIY-ing your website template shop. Turn bold designs and bright ideas into passive income in under two months. Head down, tail up as you work your way to six-figure income you can make while you sleep, travel, party and play. 

You don't need to waSTE TIME GOING at IT ALONE

You just need to invest in yourself, gain the knowledge to launch like a pro, and confidently welcome abundant passive income into your life.

You don't need to spend hours researching and still FEEL overwhelmed

You don't need to FEEL confused when somebody has walked IN your shoes

"It blew my mind. She helped me grow as a designer and simplified everything"

"Thanks to implementing everything I've learned, I'm now booked out for three months after just one month. I am so thankful I found Becca and highly recommend it to anyone!" - Morgan

Morgan became booked out within 30 days

"I learned everything from how to get clients, the design process and so much more."

"It taught my literally from point a to point z and It has helped me so much feel more confident. It has just helped me so much when working with clients I feel aligned with. I'm so grateful and definitely recommend it." - Naishely

Naishely transitioned from va to web designer

"I'm more confident and I've flipped my marketing on its head with the knowledge she's passed onto me."

"She carefully and thoroughly walks you through the process of setting yourself apart from others and I look forward to making another investment in myself with her future courses." - Megan Duke

Megan became a luxurious web designer

Community Sucess Stories

Instant access to the course portal with six sections of training videos to guide your success.

Showit key codes to save time and energy while building out your website templates.

Resources to develop client experiences and training flows that boost credibility and referrals.

Checklists, email templates & asana boards to ensure you're always on track & ready to launch.

Easy-to-customize graphics for marketing and launching your Showit website template shop.

Bright idea to bold launch in just eight weeks: The course that makes it possible.

who is this course for?

Passive Passion Project is for dedicated Web Designers ready to make more income, and bigger impact. The course is self-led, and requires someone to be truly ready for their next level in all aspects of their life and business. The course is filled with implementable tools and resources that if you're ready to scale, and take the advice and guidance from someone who has walked in your shoes, you're going to love the Passive Passion Project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone be successful with website templates?

Anyone with the desire and dream of creating accessible templates to your community and sustainable passive income, you can do it. Success comes in all levels, so no matter what your vision is, I truly believe success is just a couple of steps ahead of you. You'll just need to believe in yourself, invest in your future, and start taking action today.

how do i know if this course is right for me?

You're a Web Designer tired and exhausted of all of the one-on-one work, and you crave something bigger. You have been dreaming of launching a template shop of website templates that can make you money for the rest of your life, and you see nothing standing in your way of creating that. All you need is the strategy, tried and true templates, and the exact steps that I took to launch a six-figure design shop. Everything is waiting for you on the inside. Join now.

What are you waiting for?

Clients will come and go

but passive income

is forever

You can stay where you are...


future you.

You can stay where you are...


future you.

payment plan

4 easy monthly payments of $325




pay in full 

one-time easy payment of $999

Save $300 when paying in full




start the plan

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