The Showit Site Canvas Library

designs created by me


The only digital library of Site Canvases created by a 7-figure creative, intended for you to remake, redesign, and resell with an unlimited lifetime commercial license. 


Sell stand-out Showit website templates

With a commercial license (never before seen in this space) to create designs that are completely yours for unlimited passive resale.

Create a home page in literally a minute

With expertly-curated, plug-and-play canvases that minimize hours, maximize output and skyrocket creative fulfilment with every design. 

build your dream website with no sweaT

With expert designs to build a one-of-a-kind website that's yours to nurture and adapt forever, without the $$$ of outsourcing a DFY designer.

The only digital resource housing 100+  Showit Site Canvases. Expertly crafted. Completely customizable. Commercially licensed. Infinite possibilities.

What's included in the LIBRARY:

A complete e-library of 80+ pre-designed, mobile-optimized customizable Showit website canvas elements designed by me.

Unlock unlimited passive income potential with pre-designed site canvases ready to go. Use your commercial license to use them on your brand, your clients, or in templates. 

Get immediate access to a portal of expert advice, training videos and a free slack community to ask questions, show off your designs & join a community of designers.

Unlock the designs now

done with the design overwhelm

You're done with the old, ready for the new. Specifically, the new way of design. One built on effortless processes, passive income potential, and 100% creative confidence. 

done with the creative boredom

done with the minimum wage

You're ready to be a 'money-making', 'show-stopping', 'must-work-with' kinda web designer.

If you could wish for one thing to transform the way you dream, create & grow your design business...

It's the all-new Showit Site Canvas Library

An online library of expertly designed, commercially licensed, and mobile-optimized Showit Site Canvases.

The too-good-to-be-true resource that will not only make your business easier (like having a design assistant w/out the salary), but will allow you to have a commercially licensed arsenal of designs in your back pocket. In simpler form? The only thing you need right now.

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get a lifetime commercial license 

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get a lifetime commercial license 

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get a lifetime commercial license 

Free slack channel for support

ready to save

When I first started as a Showit Designer, it would take me up to two hours to design one section of a custom website. One section. I mean...considering the average site has 20+ unique sections, I was spending days designing websites with minimal billable hours to show for it. 

This is how I made more by working less

Now? It takes me under one minute to perfect a custom Showit website section.

So how did I transform my approach and revolutionize the way I worked? Well I certainly didn't cut corners or raise my prices leaving my clients high and dry. Instead, I worked smarter, not harder. With plug-and-play, ready-to-tailor, conversion-driven templates that made the overwhelm of designing, strategizing and refining from scratch virtually non-existent.

"She literally changed my life and can do the same for you."

"She literally holds your hand through it all. Any questions. Any fears. Becca took me from having no knowledge to where now I am killing it with a new business. If you're thinking about it, do it." - Jade 

Jade went from no idea to a thriving business

"I know so much more about Showit and feel more confident than ever."

"I can not thank Becca enough because she is amazing and will walk you through every process. If you want to expand your business, I highly recommend it!."

Morgan went from assistant to full-time designer

"It was absolutely incredible in regards to the resources and knowledge."

"I got the confidence to really go for it in my business and take the leap of faith that I needed to take in order to quit my full time job. It is so amazing and I'm forever grateful!" - Brooke


Community Sucess Stories

"It blew my mind. She helped me grow as a designer and simplified everything"

"Thanks to implementing everything I've learned, I'm now booked out for three months after just one month. I am so thankful I found Becca and highly recommend it to anyone!" - Morgan

Morgan became booked out within 30 days

"I learned everything from how to get clients, the design process and so much more."

"It taught my literally from point a to point z and It has helped me so much feel more confident. It has just helped me so much when working with clients I feel aligned with. I'm so grateful and definitely recommend it." - Naishely

Naishely transitioned from va to web designer

"I'm more confident and I've flipped my marketing on its head with the knowledge she's passed onto me."

"She carefully and thoroughly walks you through the process of setting yourself apart from others and I look forward to making another investment in myself with her future courses." - Megan Duke

Megan became a luxurious web designer

what is it and whY DO I NEED IT NOW?

It's a never-before-seen online resource library made for Web Designers and creative entrepreneurs to scale their business with a newfound sense of efficiency and creativity.  Enjoy an unlimited commercial use and lifetime access (a perk NEVER before seen in this space) to do what you please. Do with them what you want, and begin making money today. Imagine hiring a full time employee, to design the website of your dreams without having to pay their salary, or manage their tasks. Simply put? The Showit Site Canvas Library is the only online hub of 100+ pre-designed, 100% customizable, mobile-optimized Showit website elements & templates ready to take your creative spark and desire to make money online to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

who is this made for & WHAT CAN I DO WITH IT?

I designed this one-of-a-kind resource for any passionate creative who's biggest desire is to build websites but feels limited in what they have. Whether you're a new Designer just starting out, or are on your 100th design and have an entire support team, this library of commercially licensed Showit designs will revolutionize the way you do business. Do with it what you please, whether thats selling Showit Templates on Etsy, building your own website, or taking them behind the scenes while creating the creative agency of your dreams. The possibilities and opportunities are endless with this resource in your back pocket. Truly. this has been my secret weapon for scaling so quickly, and now it's yours to run with. 

what's so special about the 'commercial license' thing?

A commercial license has never been offered in this space, or with this type of resource. With a commercial license, you have unlimited rights to use these designs on your own brand, with your clients, and even sell them as your own website templates. Sounds crazy? It is. 

but like...why are you giving all of this away?

In my design lifetime I've spent thousands of hours creating, strategizing, and perfecting my craft. But instead of gatekeeping my expertise, I feel an obligation to help my soul sister designers avoid the headaches I went through. To ditch the long, frustrating days, the non-billable hours, and the half-finished ideas (with so much lost potential) and boost efficiency, enjoyment and creative mastery instead. The Showit Site Canvas Library truly is your secret to finding more of that free-flowing magic in your design work, every day.

An online hub of 100+ pre-designed, 100% customizable, mobile-optimized, and commercially licensed Showit Site Canvases. Cut down on turnaround time. Make more money.  Deliver higher value. With. Every. Design.