A unique 1:1 experience where you’ll start the day with a vision and end with a fully customized, functional, sell-out website that’s undeniably aligned with you. Let’s turn lurkers into leads and stalkers into super-fans with a tailored brand and website turned around in one day!

Launch Your Dream Website In A Day

Hey you       Can we get real here for a moment?

It takes less than a millisecond for your dream client to be sparked with curiosity. It takes a second for that curiosity to turn into a connection. And it takes a minute for that connection to turn into a fired-up fuck yes that's ready to invest into you. But this is described as a journey yes? Leading them from one emotion to another...

Your website isn't just something to land on, it's an experience.

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Ditch your current brand, you’re too good for it anyway.

From the colors to the logo, the tone of voice to the customer journey, every seemingly microscopic aspect of your website contributes to your dream clients saying ‘hard pass’ or ‘heck yes’ when they land on your page. 

Because no matter how incredible your services are, your killer personality or empathetic customer experience may be, nothing sells quite like a website and if you can’t be seen or reached, you may as well not exist at all. 

You need synergy. You need alignment. You need strategy. 

You’re ready to showcase what makes you truly unique

You feel like your current site just isn’t ‘you’ - and you’re not happy about it. 

You have a unique story but you’re struggling to get it out there.

You crave the 1:1 approach of an expert designer to see what you need and execute it.

You know you need a new website that sets you up to scale

An ambitious entrepreneur that has a vision & is ready to play a bigger game.


Waking up to a new website?

Start the day with a vision and end with a fully customized, functional, sell-out website that’s undeniably aligned with you. A NEW brand that’s as unique, and innovative as you are. A NEW website that is visually stunning, intuitive, and evolves as you do. A NEW online presence that screams ‘six-figure soul sister’ and helps you step into that reality.

Let’s turn lurkers into leads and stalkers into super-fans with a tailored brand and website turned around in one day! 

With my Website in a Day package, this can be your reality:

yup this is for me

the website in a day breakdown:


Rise + shine with my signature Soulful Branding Session


Branding complete and ready for review

→ Wordmarked Logo
→ Color Palette
→ Custom Fonts
→ Brand Board


Home page designed

Via a zoom screen share, you'll get this opportunity to go through the entire site design, vibe & strategy that will be set in place to move forward with the entirety of the website,


About + Programs pages complete


Sales pages complete


Website Fully Designed + Mobile Optimized

holy shit i need this

Just imagine the magic
we'll create together.

let these ladies convince you

WithWebsite in a Day…

You get:

custom branding; logo, color palette, fonts & vision

Customized website including home, about, program, contact, instagram menu & a strategic 12+ modular sales page

Facebook community for ongoing support

6+ step-by-step Training videos

Preparation checklists, guides and loom videos


two easy installments 

automatically paid 30 days apart

instant access to book vip day

includes bold x boho template


save $200 by paying in full

easy & secure payment with stripe



select the plan that works for you:

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350+ clients

featured in yahoo

top 100 herpreneur

featured in influensive

In case you don't know me yet!

Intentional to me means it has purpose. It's thought out. An intentional brand + website acts as a supportive role to your wildest dreams. Soul-aligned means it feels deeply connected and rooted in your story, with an approachable perception as if it's a magnet to the people that need your gifts the most. Scalable means it's ready to grow. It's ready to evolve. It'll push your brand beyond barriers because it knows it needs to be seen, even when you don't. It knows it needs to make impact, even when you feel like hiding. It knows it is worthy of no limitations, because it has been thoughtfully designed that way.

Crafted to perfection
and always ready for more.

I'm a 24-year old web designer, podcaster, educator, and spicy-marg drinker with big ass dreams. Starting all from a Macbook air and a 560 sqft apartment, I've turned a small one woman show into a multiple six-figure design studio. 

My entire belief system around brand design is that it needs to intentional, soul-aligned and scalable.

I'm Becca Luna - your fave soulful, free-spirit designer.

I'm beyond ready


"Becca went above and beyond and basically dove into my soul to capture my essence into a beautiful brand and streamlined website!"


"You can’t do better and there’s a reason I found her through word of mouth, and am now recommending her to everyone in my network."


"Best investment I have made for up-leveling my business. I couldn’t be more happy!"


"I now have a stunning website that feels authentic and accurately reflects the quality of work I put out into the world."


"I highly recommend working with her if you need a website that is not only beautiful but clear & organized too."


"My website is amazing!!! Becca is a genius and will 100% bring the zen + force to your brand!"


Unleash your full soulful potential.

Ready for a next-level website that’s delivered by a designer who just ‘gets’ you. Someone who can put all you can’t express in words, into a site that says it all. Because that’s an investment you’ll never regret. An investment that fuels your future and propels you toward your dreams.

I'm ready to bring my vision to life

Have questions? email hello@boldxboho.com