A one hour guided training of design advice so you can learn the skills to become a booked out web designer with the creativity and money-making design knowledge to confidently grow.


A free design class by Becca Luna

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I'm giving you the inside scoop on modern day design so that you can efficiently and easily create timeless designs with tools that are accessible to everyone with a laptop, internet and creative spark. Becoming a Designer can feel overwhelming and daunting, but there are specific strategies that I can teach you so that you feel like a knowledgeable and confident designer in the online space.

You just need design advice that you can implement today.

You've got the desire and the creative urge


What are fonts, why are font's so important, how to buy/use fonts legally, how to pair fonts, and more.

What you'll learn:


Understanding the foundation of colors, how to create an elevated color palette, and do's & don'ts.


How to execute an on-brand photoshoot, how to utilize stock images for clients, and more.


Learn tips and tricks and how to create designs that are timeless, trendy, and strategic.